EWG projects are an important component of the EWG work program with over 400 projects undertaken between 1993 and 2014. Projects are developed in accordance with EWG priorities and initiatives, and reflect the directions of APEC Economic Leaders and Energy Ministers. Past EWG projects can be found on the APEC Project Database.

Developing and Implementing EWG Projects

EWG Projects are APEC-funded and/or self-funded, with APEC-funded projects to be developed and implemented in accordance with APEC guidelines, as outlined in the APEC Secretariat’s Guidebook on APEC Projects. APEC projects are funded through the Operational Account, Trade and Investment Liberalisation and Facilitation (TILF) Special Account, the APEC Support Fund (ASF), and the APEC Support Fund Sub – Fund D: Energy Efficiency.

  • The APEC Operational Account provides the funding for a wide range of projects approved by APEC, particularly for Economic and Technical Cooperation (ECOTECH) capacity building activities.
  • The APEC TILF Special Account provides the funding for projects in support of trade and investment liberalisation and facilitation, as stated by Leaders’ or Ministers’ directives and the Osaka Action Agenda.
  • The APEC Support Fund provides funding for projects in support of capacity building for developing member economies in the areas of economic and technical cooperation.
  • The APEC Support Sub-Fund: Energy Efficiency supports capacity building initiatives contributing to the promotion of energy efficiency in the APEC region.

For further information on APEC funding please refer to the APEC Project Funding Sources.

EWG project proposals are developed through a two-stage process:

  1. Tabling a short synopsis of the project for consideration by the EWG and, if approved,
  2. Developing a full proposal to submit to the APEC Budget and Management Committee.

An overview of the APEC Project Proposal Process and a description of the Tenders and Requests for Proposals process can be found on the APEC Secretariat’s website.

PLEASE NOTE:  In addition to the APEC Secretariat project proposal process, the EWG Secretariat has implemented a new internal project proposal process, and has developed a process map to clarify the new process, effective as of Project Session 1 of 2016.

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