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About the APEC Energy Working Group (EWG)

The APEC Energy Working Group (EWG) is composed of policy officials and technical experts from APEC Member Economies who work with experts in other APEC fora, academia, private industry, and regional and international organizations to build the capacity of APEC Member Economies aimed at:

  • Strengthening regional and domestic energy security and resilience across the region;
  • Lowering the carbon intensity of energy supply and use;
  • Promoting the diversification of fuels and sources; and
  • Training a gender-inclusive energy workforce.

Our Work

The EWG’s Work incorporates guidance from APEC Economic Leaders, Ministers and Energy Ministers to form a solid foundation for APEC energy cooperation, including:

  • Work towards the APEC aspirational target of reducing aggregate energy intensity by 45 percent from 2005 levels by 2035 through collaboration on analysis of available energy efficient technologies, energy efficiency standard harmonization and peer review on energy efficiency.
  • Make further progress toward rationalizing and phasing out inefficient fossil fuel subsidies, whilst providing energy access to those in need
  • Work towards improving resiliency of energy infrastructure to natural disasters and climate change within the region through APEC Initiative for Enhancing the Quality of Electric Power Infrastructure and conducting vulnerability assessment on energy infrastructure.
  • Support community-based low carbon development in the region through APEC Low-Carbon Model Town Project, APEC Energy Smart Community Initiative Knowledge Sharing Platform, and APEC Cooperation Initiative for Jointly Establishing an Asia-Pacific Urbanization Partnership
  • Implement Oil and Gas Security Initiative to address the challenges faced and to improve security exercises, as well as create favorable conditions for trade and investments to support a diversified, flexible, and integrated natural gas market in the APEC region through APEC Regional LNG Trade Facilitation Initiative
  • Implement APEC Green Energy Finance Initiative to ensure financial sustainability of green energy development in the region
  • Strengthen cross-fora collaboration and public private partnership on APEC energy issues


Our work can be encompassed via four pillars:

The EWG has established partnership with international energy cooperation to seek broader cross-fora cooperation on energy issues. Current EWG Guests are the International Energy Agency (IEA), the World Energy Council (WEC), and the International Copper Association (ICA).